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Free Upgrade

Our platform will fix bugs and upgrade function regularly, so you don’t pay anything and there is noting you need to adjust.

Operations Support

We will provide the whole website planning and solution, and our professional consultant team will solve your puzzles in website operating.

Technical Support

Diagnose and solve your technical problems when you are using our products and you can feed back problems through QQ, telephone, mails and platform at any time.

Training Service

We can help you to grasp the method of product use quickly by diversified service such as training video, training documents, the online lecture and so on.

Do Service

If you don’t have operating crews in the early, we can do it for you.

Multi-Service Mode System

Switch in displays,B2C,O2O discretionarily and completely meet the true requirement of the customers.

What They Say

Asoftake is a high-efficiency and high-powered Java EE development framework which is packaged in security.

The style of Asoftake system interface is concise, beautiful and decent. The system has excellent performance and can provide various styles.

The Asoftake system adopts hierarchical design, two-step verification, security code, password encryption, access verification and data permission validation.

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Asoftake system uses Java EE development framework, support all database, and the basic function of enterprise information management is in built. The system provides frequently-used tools and the security of system can filter all management links. The system is compatible with all major browsers. Through professional pressure test, the system can insure data veracity and access speed.


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"Asoftake v6.0 is a high-efficiency and high-powered Java EE development framework which is packaged in security."